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Malaysia Armed Forces electromagnetic spectrum operations part 1 Featured

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ARMA JUDICARE CONSILIUM DARE" (To test the weaponry and give advice).

This is quite a delicate question because it is rather classified. Anyway if one comb the internet and reading reports and journals and forums you will found very little about it.


Let me share with everyone some info i got from WIKI.


Malaysia and Singapore jointly monitor the South China Sea electronically. It is reasonable to assume that the less sensitive aspects of SIGINT, such as Direction finding are part of that surveillance. Other sources include the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) of Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia, which includes three members of the UKUSA alliance with strong national SIGINT organizations.


Spurred by terrorism concerns, the ASEAN states, in May 2002, agreed on an Action Plan that provided for enhanced cooperation in intelligence sharing and coordination of anti-terror laws. In August 2002, ASEAN and the United States issued a “Joint Declaration . . . to Combat International Terrorism," which was followed by an ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) meeting on terrorism, to be jointly sponsored by Malaysia in the US. The US proposed that a regional counterterrorism training center be established in Malaysia. Accompanying the Anti-Terrorism Center is an intelligence-sharing agreement among Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand, a first meeting of which was held in Manila in January 2003. An obvious question, without a simple answer, is how much SIGINT capabilities these countries have.


Also i would like to point out, unlike Australia and Singapore we rate our threat perceptions lower and we don't have huge military budget Per Se.


We don't. We spend modestly and we spend only what we need.

Back to topic, Malaysia do maintain extensive radio communications interception capabilities, and have been acquiring some modern ELINT/EW systems, but their employment is relatively classified.


.....Also because of Singapore SIGINT thingy (mind you using Israeli state of the art COMINT, ELINT and EW systems for strategic, operational and tactical SIGINT mission) have been prowling over the Andaman Sea and along the western coasts of Malaysia, Thailand and Burma, with stop-overs in Rangoon and Dhaka and 'as far west as Pakistan' all year long..... Malaysia had to have quite capable Counter-SIGINT. But this is a different story.


To quote Admiral Abdul Aziz bin Haji Jaafar

 The Malaysian Navy has developed our Electronic Warfare capability since the early 70’s. Our ships were equipped with all the three major element of electronic warfare namely Electronic Support (ES), Electronic Protection (EP) and Electronic Attack (EA). Nevertheless, due to technological evolution of the electronic warfare environment, we are continuously enhancing our capability with new programme and procurement. This will help us to be competitive and capable in the scenario you have painted.


Rejimen Semboyan Diraja are the premier army signal, communication and electronic warfare apparatus. They provide and maintain command and control communications for the Army.





This unit handle all aspects of electronic warfare as the proceedings of the policies and directions set by the Director General of Defence Intelligence and intelligence units. 


One of its many duty are implementing plans to implement TTE "jamming" and communication security to support ongoing Malaysia military operation.


Cell Phone Jammer
Cell Phone Jammers are capable to provide theultimate solution in any area where cellular communications frequently cause nuisance...

GPS Jammer
GPS Jammer is designed to Jam the GPS navigational system by radiating interference signal. GPS Jammer radiates barrage radio-jamming...

Radio Reconnaissance and Jamming Station
Radio Reconnaissance and Jamming Station is state of the art portable Radio Monitoring...

Versatile Jamming Set 

Versatile Jamming Set is suitable for a range of applications and is design to neutralise communication links and networks used by officials...

Cellular Satellite Phone Jammer
Cellular satellite phone jammer is designed to for the jamming of information, which is intended for the control of the terrorist ...

Portable Jammer
The purpose of the Portable jammer are to ensure protection against radio-controlled bombs.

Artillery Jammer
Artillery Radio jammers are designed to jam enemy`s tactical units operating with HF and VHF radios.


On the 15 July, 14 Malaysian personnel, from the Airforce, Army and Navy and industry graduated from the AMS Dundridge College. Since February they have received a full range of EW courses and completed their training by undergoing the Instructional Techniques course which will give them the necessary skills to teach their new-found knowledge to other students in Malaysia.

The school will be fitted with state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms for teaching a wide range of EW operations and procedures. The laboratories will be furnished with an extensive equipment suite including the AMS Elusion EW Trainer, a radar simulator and a communications trainer. All classrooms will be networked and Dundridge College will provide courseware and lesson material.

to be Continue....



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